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The guardian
Woman: Dessenage people
Young boy: Hamer tribe
Is anybody out there?
Beware of the dark!
The reading
Priest: Lalibela
Biete Medhani Alem, Lalibela
Old man with a cane
Rambutan delight
Low key
The 3 amigos: 1
Where is everybody?
At peace
Astral traveller
Year of the Monkey : 7
Year of the Monkey : 2
Angkor: Angkor Wat
Hot evening ... 3
The Discovery Coast   2
Night moves ...
The fisherman   Nepal
Etretat   Rock formations 3
Lost hope
Waiting ...
Fly away
The Guardian of Po Win Taung
Three Miao Matriarchs
Mothers' Day
Sisters' Meal Festival
Ethnic minorities   The people of Guizhou   6
Air of Flanders
Rising star
There are still raindrops on the gate
Dance of the 5 saris
Tenuous foundations
Old Delhi   portrait 2
Varanasi station: Timid observer
Making tracks 2
Warm hands ... cold ...