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Australian animals - The Kangaroo

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: Helen : (ATM Helen is photographing in, Australia) on 10 October 2014 in Animal & Insect.

*** NEW SERIES ***

If you have just joined us we are on an Australian animal safari for this series. All these photos were taken at Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria, Australia. If you would like to return to the beginning of the series click here

Let us continue with marsupials. A marsupial is an animal where the female carries and feeds their young in a pouch. There are many different species of marsupials and the better known are Kangaroos and Koalas.

This photo is of a Red Kangaroo. This is a big male. Red kangaroos are the largest of all the kangaroos species and is also Australia's largest marsupial.

Kangaroos are usually fairly timid and prefer to live in the countryside grazing on grasses and usually avoid populated areas. They blend into the environment very well, and are usually only spotted if they move. Kangaroos are a special kind of mammal; they are marsupials.

The females carry their young (called joeys) in a pouch. The joeys are born blind, hairless and are the size of a baked bean. The baby stays in the pouch and lives on mother's milk for months. When it is bigger it begins to peek out of the mother's pouch. Then for a few months it begins to graze on grass, but continues to stay in the pouch. Mother kangaroos can carry two joeys of different ages in the pouch. One attached to the teat and another that is larger and more independent.

Recently there was a video posted of two male Red Kangaroos sparring in a suburban street. Kangaroos are not usually aggressive, but do spar or fight other males competing for attentions from a female. This video gives you a clear idea what kangaroo tails are used for other than keeping balance when they hop! Click here to see the fight.

Kangaroos are not usually considered dangerous, but they do deserve a healthy respect. Humans are generally attracted to them and approach these placid animals. People must beware not to corner or put them in a position of feeling trapped as they use their small front limbs to spar and often break people's noses or they can use their huge hind legs and very long toenails as a weapon. They have been known to disembowel predators or opponents in this way.

If you want to understand more or assist in saving or adopting a kangaroo CLICK HERE to access the Healesville Sanctuary website.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III 1/125 second F/4.5 ISO 100 121 mm

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Shaahin Bahremand from Tehran, Iran

beauty shot

10 Oct 2014 8:10am

michel creze from le havre, France

Belle définition de son pelage !

Beautiful definition of its fur!

10 Oct 2014 9:22am

Devi from Chennai, India

Lovely shot in action...
I get glued on to Discovery Channel and Animal Planet and Nat Geo. and watch a lot of programmes and hve watched these huge animals spar!!!
Thank you Helen...you are going great....

10 Oct 2014 10:11am

beach from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

well seen

10 Oct 2014 6:16pm

Bruce from Tacoma, United States

A great series Love the additional info you add to the great photo

10 Oct 2014 6:30pm

Nathanael from Paris, France

Thank you... and it's nice to travel by your side too...

10 Oct 2014 8:28pm

L'Angevine from Angers, France


11 Oct 2014 8:39am

omid from mashhad, Iran

so cute! :)
very nice shot!
L O V E L Y !!!!!!!!!!!!

13 Oct 2014 12:13am