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15 October 2013

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Percy Grainger
15 July 2012

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Mothers' Day
13 May 2012

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Bird flight at dusk
5 January 2012

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The laundry
1 February 2010

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End of the Road
30 November 2008

Recent Comments

Dimitrios on Lingam: Pashupatinath Temple
impressive frame

Curly on Lingam: Pashupatinath Temple
Fabulous artistic use of the focus, well done! I'll have to ask Devi what this is all about :-)

Devi on Lingam: Pashupatinath Temple
Beautiful.. I am amazed you were allowed to click this Helen !!!!!

L'Angevine on Cairns foreshore

Ruthiebear on Cairns foreshore
Lovely landscape with the pelicans

Ana Lúcia on Cairns foreshore
Splendid capture!

L'Angevine on An avian portrait or two
belles couleurs

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Cairns foreshore
Un superbe paysage maritime et surtout ces pélicans que nous ne connaissons pas.

Dimitrios on Cairns foreshore
mmmmm lovely

Devi on Cairns foreshore
gosh !! They have the whole shore top themselves !! How beautiful they look :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))00 Have a ...

fateme@@ on An avian portrait or two
Great image!

Ruthiebear on An avian portrait or two
5 stars from me - gorgeous close up

L'Angevine on An avian portrait
belles couleurs

Dimitrios on An avian portrait or two
lovely croc croc crik

beach on An avian portrait or two
Very colourful bird. Nice shot.

omid on An avian portrait or two
such beautiful composition, focus & lights! Lovely colors!

Devi on An avian portrait or two
wow...what colours and details here !!! It is so strange..I feel as if this bird has been made with wool, silk, ...

omid on An avian portrait
such beautiful composition, focus, colors & bokeh! L O V E L Y !

L'Angevine on Lyon, France
bel effet

k@ on An avian portrait
A festival of colors !

Anne on An avian portrait
Belles couleurs.

Dimitrios on An avian portrait
who is the prettiest? WHO?

Devi on An avian portrait
wow...superb capture ! Vibrant colours and great details here :)

Curly on Lyon, France
Wow, this really is a fabulous edit.

omid on Lyon, France
such beautiful composition & treatment! Amazing view!

Mhelene on Lyon, France
Beautiful panorama with superb processing .

L'Angevine on Bush Stone-Curlew

Devi on Lyon, France
what a lovely if from an old History book !!!

L'Angevine on Windows and windows
bien ces couleurs

Devi on Bush Stone-Curlew
:)) What an attractive bird !! Great details...he seems to be staring at you Helen !!! Probably muttering to himself ...

omid on Bush Stone-Curlew
:) Lovely colors! Lovely bird!

omid on Windows and windows
such beautiful composition, graphics & reflections! A M A Z I N G !

L'Angevine on Darter
oh qu'il est beau

Devi on Windows and windows
Gosh !! everywhere !

Dimitrios on Windows and windows
cool forms

omid on Upriver
such beautiful composition, colors, lights & reflections! Lovely view!

omid on Darter
such beautiful composition, focus, colors & lights! L O V E L Y !

Emilio Garcia on Dancing on the rock
Yes - How did they get up there? Beautiful light and reflection!

L'Angevine on Dancing on the rock
beau bleu

Mhelene on Dancing on the rock
Beautiful composition and tones .

L'Angevine on Across Westernport
belle lumière

Devi on Secret beauty
aw...this is simply lovely in all it's mystic beauty !

Devi on Across Westernport
Fabulous capture ! Brilliant framing !!

Devi on Dancing on the rock
what5 a beautiful site...lovely capture ! God knows how they climbed up there !

Anne on Dancing on the rock
Belle énergie.

omid on Dancing on the rock
:) such beautiful composition, tone, atmosphere & reflections! Lovely!

omid on Secret beauty

omid on Across Westernport
such beautiful composition, lights & reflections! Amazing silhouettes!

L'Angevine on Secret beauty
oh génial ce rendu

beach on Across Westernport

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